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Muted Memories

Muted memories
Of conversations gone by.
Slowly fading…gone.

© 2018 kirsten attermann

Sweet Lullaby

Late at night my heart whispers.
Yearning for just one more word.
Sweet lullabies as his voice
says, “Goodnight Sweety.”

© 2018 kirsten attermann


I wonder if he thinks of me?
Am I just a faded memory?

Does he miss my voice?
And know, I had to make this choice.

How soon before I am replaced?
By another name and different face?

When will my heart stop breaking?
Cuz I’m tired of these smiles I’m faking

© 2018 kirsten attermann

Restless Heart

Oh, my restless heart,
What troubles are you stirring?
As you pace your cage.

An angry lion,
You roam across life’s deserts,
In a constant rage.

You live for drama,
Twisting words to fit your needs.
An actress on stage.

Time to stop your “act.”
Open your heart’s ears today,
To hear the turned page.

You have been transformed
Love changed you from inside out.
You’re no longer caged!

© 2018 kirsten attermann

Heart Cries

My heart cries
As friendship dies.
Two years gone by.

I expel a heavy sigh.
Be strong – I shall try.
But still my heart cries

© 2018 kirsten attermann

Weak Hearted

I am weak hearted.
Giving in to temptation.
Just to hear your voice.

© 2018 kirsten attermann

Rogue Mind

my rogue mind
takes me down dangerous highways
my blind eyes
refuse to see Truth’s illumination
my broken heart
stubbornly clings to love’s remnants
my battered soul
walks the same road again and again

© 2018 kirsten attermann


Last night I said goodbye
As pieces of my heart died.
I have to believe You know what’s best.
That order will be made from this chaotic mess.

My heart yearns to hear his voice,
But his silence must be my choice.
Keep me strong as I fall and stumble.
Pick up the pieces as my heart crumbles.

© 2018 kirsten attermann


how can I lose someone, I never had?
one minute happy, one minute sad.
my heart cries in the still of the night.
emotions riding sorrow’s kite.
solitary, alone.
tears scar to the bone.
I cry out in pain.
it’s in vain,

© 2018 kirsten attermann